How to transfer money
from Wise to Utoppia?

With your Utoppia account, you can receive dollars from Wise without cost and manage them the way you prefer.

Once you receive your money, you will be able to use it with your Utoppia Card, an international Mastercard debit card you can obtain for free and has no cost of maintenance.

New accounts will not have access to the virtual debit card.
We are working to integrate a new vendor and offer you a better service.

Another advantage that Utoppia offers is that it permits to send and receive money internationally paying low and totally transparent commissions.
Transfering USD from Wise to Utoppia is really simple and you can do it following these steps:

• Link your Utoppia bank account in your Wise account.
• Enter your Utoppia account details.
• Select your Utoppia account when withdrawing USD.

Keep in mind that while receiving dollars in Utopia is free, Wise may apply fees for the use of its platform. You can check it here
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